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About Taiji Qigong

Taiji at a Glance


Taiji, also known as Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise system that is often practised for its health benefits. A variety of training forms and styles exist, depending on the purpose of the training. In Western countries, it is typically practised as a mild to moderate exercise and stretching which involve a series of slow and gentle movements.

Qigong Explained

Qigong is training of breathing, movement and awareness but it is also a form of meditation and healing. It is closely related to Taiji and martial arts. But it is also practised for religious/philosophical purposes and to promote health and well-being.

Taiji Qigong Combined

Together, Taiji and Qigong enable the mind and body work together in the best manner. People who practice Taiji therefore usually also practice Qigong and vice versa. Taiji Qigong exercises thus consist of both mind and body workout which according to the Chinese philosophy, improves the flow of Qi or life energy which in turn improves health and well-being.

Health Benefits of Taiji Qigong

Western medicine does not recognize Qi but it does recognise a number of health benefits of Taiji Qigong including:

The mentioned health benefits make Taiji Qigong ideal for both control and prevention of many chronic conditions such as:

Who Can Practice Taiji Qigong

Taiji Qigong is a gentle form of exercise which puts low stress on the joints and muscles. It is generally safe for people of all ages and levels of fitness. In fact, it is often recommended to the elderly and people with chronic conditions that make most forms of exercise for them potentially unsafe. Taiji Qigong is also safe for pregnant women although some postures must be avoided. People who have problems with the joints, osteoporosis, hernia and back pain are recommended to consult their doctor before starting to practice Taiji Qigong.

Why Practice Taiji Qigong

If practised correctly, Taiji Qigong will improve your health, your private security and facilitate management of the existing conditions if having any as well as reduce the harmful effects of stress on your mental and physical well-being.

Unlike many other types of exercise, Taiji Qigong is inexpensive and requires no special equipment.