Lose Excess Body Weight with Taiji Qigong


Overweight Not Merely a Cosmetic Concern

The statistics about overweight in the UK are alarming. Over 60 percent of adults and over 30 percent of children are overweight, while about 25 percent of adults are obese. About 30,000 people are estimated to die from overweight-related conditions every year. Losing excess body weight therefore will not only make you look better but it will also help you avoid a number of health problems which are directly linked to overweight such as:

Dieting Not Enough to Lose Weight

Unhealthy diet that is high in calories but low in essential nutrients is the number one cause of overweight problems. It is not, however, the only cause of excess body weight. In fact, overweight is caused by a combination of a unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity. In order to get rid of those pounds and prevent them from returning, you therefore need to make both changes in your eating habits and increase the level of your physical activity.

Taiji Qigong to Burn Fat

To those who are not familiar with Taiji Qigong, it may not really look as an exercise. It is involves slow and gentle movements which, however, are not as easy as they may seem. On the contrary, they require a high level of energy to do them properly similarly as running on great distances requires plenty of training. When practising Taiji Qigong, you will burn lots of energy and by burning energy, you will be burning fat.

Our bodies are programmed to store all excess calories that we obtain through diet in the form of fat. If you want to lose weight, you therefore need to reduce your caloric intake and burn the energy that is stored as fat. And Taiji Qigong enables you to do just that.

Advantages of Taiji Qigong over Other Weight Loss Workouts

Any form of physical activity will help you lose weight. Taiji Qigong is thus only one of many options. It is, however, worth considering over other types of exercise for several reasons.

The main advantage of Taiji Qigong is that it can be practised by everyone regardless of age and fitness level. This, however, is not the case with many other types of exercise. They are often unsuitable if you were not physically active for a longer period of time.

With the exception of people with certain medical conditions such as severe osteoporosis, joint problems and hernia, Taiji Qigong is safe for most people. It causes a low level of stress to the joints and muscles, and is even recommended to pregnant women and the elderly for whom most types of exercise are unsafe.

Taiji Qigong is also inexpensive and can be practised alone or in group.